Privacy Policy (in the further text “We” “Us” “Company” “platform”) tends to do whatever it takes to protect the data of other customers (in the further text “you”, “visitors”, “readers”, “users”). The purpose of this document is to help people understand why they are safe on our platform and how exactly we ensure a high level of security. It is our duty to ensure that all the people know what their rights are, as well as the obligations they have. There are no professional phrases that you won’t understand, as we strive to make the content readable and understandable for people of different backgrounds. But, in case you have any additional questions, you are free to contact us via email or contact form at any part of the day. So, let’s start!

Which Data Do You Actually Share with Us?

Our company invests a lot of effort to understand the needs and requirements of our customers. That is the main reason why we collect data! The pieces of information we collect are specific. Something you are accepting to share with us is your IP address and certain personal information such as day of birth, gender, etc. Apart from that, the website also has insights into pages that you visit while spending time on our website.

When does the entire procedure start? Everything begins immediately after you read our privacy policy, understand it, and accept it. But, to understand it, you need to continue reading and find out which categories of data we collect and how exactly we do that.

The first data category we strive to collect is under the name “non-identifiable” and “unidentified” data. In other words, we are actually trying to collect some data about you that is not personal. For example, we will strive to find out more about your demographic characteristics that can’t verify your true identity at all. Under this category, you are sharing more information about your language, the operating system that you are using (Windows, iOs, or Android), where you exactly live (not home address, just town, country, and timezone), type of browser you are using to access our platform, etc. Apart from that, we will also get more information about the actions you made, which websites you usually visit, etc. In other words, we are trying to understand online habits, preferences, and personalities.

The second data category is named “individual data”. Well, this is the moment where you exactly reveal your identity. In case you plan to subscribe as anonymous (or do not register at all), then you won’t fall under this category. But, in case you do decide on that, there are three different subcategories of data we strive to correct:

  • The first piece of information you will share with us is your email. Apart from your email, all the registered users will also share their name and last name, as well as some other data about your interest. However, the second part only counts for people that plan to become members of certain pages or services on your platform.
  • The second subcategory defines all the technical data you share with us. Here, our readers and users actually share more information about identifiers (IMEI, MAC addresses…), which browser plug-in type they use, what is the preferred screen resolution, which type of keyboard language they are using, etc.
  • The third category of information lets us analyze the way you explore our website. That means we have insights into which pages you visited on our website, how much time you spent on certain pages, etc.

What Does Do With Collected Data?

Before everything, it is worth mentioning that we also have certain limits determined by the law. We can use your personal data only when something like that is not forbidden. But, in case we have the right to do that, there are 2 reasons why we decide on this procedure:

  • The data we collect from our visitors (in cases when that is allowed) helps us improve the productivity and legacy of our business. Apart from that, the data we collect can also be useful for the clients we collaborate with. However, that doesn’t mean the interests of the visitors is also not one of the main priorities that we have. Be sure the interests of the two sides (you and us) will never be in conflict. With the information you share, you are actually helping our company to improve services and products.
  • Another reason is the laws and legality of the actions that we take. You will never get emails from us or any of our clients if you do let us do that. But, the decision you make is not permanent. At every possible moment, you can simply unsubscribe or take us the right to share your commercial and marketing messages.

As stated in the text above, your interests and human rights will never be harmed. That is guaranteed by our company and by the law. But, it is worth mentioning that there are 4 more reasons why we may use data, and they are:

  • Letting you register on our platform and enjoy the services and products that we offer. Apart from that, you will also have the option to share comments, post anything that isn’t against our Terms and Conditions, read the content shared there, etc.
  • Registering and sharing data also gives you the opportunity to interact with other users of our website. Also, you will have the benefit of connecting with our employees via different communication channels such as Live chat or Help Desk.
  • Getting the chance to claim different bonuses and promotions. It may happen that we send you surveys and questions in your email. After you finish them, you will get some decent rewards as a bonus.
  • We also use the data you share with us to provide you with the most relevant content that is suitable to your interests, preferences, and habits. However, at the same time, you are also helping us. Based on your interests and the interests of other users, we can adapt our services and overall business model to your needs. That automatically means our business will continuously run smoothly and effectively.

Methods of Data Collection

There are four different ways how our company collects web data:

  1. Navigation. We get information about all the actions you make online, which URLs you visit, etc. Apart from that, the cookies that are accepted also help us get more insights into your habits. In cases where we use different analytical programs and tools, we also get more information on which operating systems, browsers, and IP addresses you use.
  2. The second data collection method is established in subscriptions. We will offer you to receive newsletters, and the only requirement is to enter your email.
  3. In cases when you accept different bonus packages and promotions, we also get some information
  4. Last but not least, we collect information based on your reviews or questions and answers exchanged with our customer support. This is probably the “most direct” method.

Types of Cookies Present on Our Website

Cookies are actually low-demanding files that maintain the data. Each cookie has a different purpose and is focused on a different information category. For example, they have the capacity to memorize the details about your browsing. Of course, this is not a mandatory option. Whenever you enter our platform, a window will pop up where you can either permit or refuse the cookies.

Speaking of cookie types, there are a couple of them you should know about. The most popular ones are performance cookies (most people call them tracking cookies). They are the ones that record your activities on different platforms and help us give data to third-party clients. Based on them, the clients can also analyze the collaboration between you and us. The second type is known as functionality cookies. These small files actually remember who you are and recognize your identity whenever you get back to our website.

How long do cookies stay on your device? Well, that varies from one type to another. The shortest period is around 6 months, but they can remain there even for a couple of years. But you can block them at any time by cleaning them completely!

What happens if you refuse them? Nothing! However, you are also not letting our company provide you with better services. We won’t be able to highlight the most interesting content based on your preferences and interests.

Collaboration with Third Parties

In this Privacy Policy document, we mentioned a couple of times that we share data with third-party clients. Many people are sceptical because of that, so it is necessary to explain everything. Here are the main features you should know about data exchange with our clients:

  • Personal data like name, surname, last name, and address are never shared with anyone. We are only sharing data that could improve the functionality of our clients.
  • We strictly collaborate with reputable third parties. They strive to improve their services and provide their target audience with a better offer based on information they receive from us.
  • Sometimes, we need to prove statistics (traffic, conversion rate, etc.) on our website to our clients. We do that without revealing the identity of any of our visitors.
  • In cases where we reorganize our company (buy it or sell it as well), we may transfer all the collected data to other third parties. But, in cases when something like that happens, all of our users will get informed.
  • We do have permission to share private information with regulatory bodies and responsible authorities. That happens only in cases when some of our users fall under investigation about different illegal activities.
  • It is worth mentioning that we can’t guarantee and control the actions the third parties will do with the data they get. However, before we agree on collaboration, we require that all laws are respected. Besides, private information is not shared, which automatically does not put you at risk.

Protection of Data We Collect

The protection of all the data we collect is 100% guaranteed. Our company uses different techniques and types of technology that ensure a high level of protection. First and foremost, we use the so-called SSL technology. Thanks to this layer of protection, hackers and scammers can’t access any information you share. Additional support is done manually. All the users can contact our customer support in case they believe someone tried to attempt their account or private information.

How Long Does Keep the Collected Data?

There is no precise time length. We keep it as much as we need it. In some cases, we do that because of the tax requirement. On the other hand, we do not keep data that is unnecessary to us. That doesn’t stop in cases when users delete their accounts. The data you shared remains in our systems even after that, but we never make it public. In cases when you want our company to delete all the pieces of information, you need to make a specific request by contacting our customer support.

Rights of Users Regarding Private Data

  • Cancelling data sharing is possible at any moment. A specific reason does not have to exist. It is your right to do that!
  • You can ask every moment whether our company is processing your data and for what reason. All the information you want to gain is transparent, and you can get them by contacting our customer support.
  • You can complain in cases where we mistakenly analyzed your data. Apart from that, we are aware that certain information changes over time. You can request the changes, but we will mostly ask for verification to confirm new data is correct.
  • If you want to receive your data, you can send a request and get the document in a digital form.
  • If you are suspicious about the actions we make, you have the full right to ask the supervisory body to check out your claims. But, before that, we ask you to contact us, and we will give all the necessary answers and pieces of evidence!

Usage of Platform for Underage Users

Confirmation of identity is necessary for one more reason – to confirm you are not underage. Our content is not available to persons that are not 18+. This is not just our requirement; it is also a law request. In cases when we get suspicious that someone is not respecting that request, we may ask for additional profile verification.

Privacy Policy Changes Over Time

Our company has the full right to update the Privacy Policy at every moment. Be sure you will get the necessary information about the changes we have decided on. In cases you continue to use the services and products we offer, that means you agree with them. On the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to reject them!

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