What is RTP in Slots?

In the ever-changing world of online gambling, players must understand all the mechanics of their chosen casino game. One key concept crucial for all online slots is the RTP, also known as return to player percentage. This term refers to a theoretical metric used to showcase to casino players how much they can win back from their bets over time. This number is often pulled out from statistics or provided by the game developer. Understanding online slot RTP is crucial as it influences gamblers’ bet strategy and potential winnings. Read our comprehensive guide and learn everything you need to know about this term to maximize your winnings.

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What do RTP and Payout Mean?

RTP percentage and casino payout both indicate how much money, on average, you’ll get in return after wagering. The main difference lies in the RTP meaning – it shows the amount of lost money you may recover in a specific slot game. In comparison, casino payout specifies the potential win from playing in a certain online casino from all its games.

RTP (Return to Player)

So, what is RTP in slot machines? This term describes the percentage of possible money returned to a gambler during an online gambling session. It’s more of a statistical number. It’s valid only if players bet over a prolonged time. Thus, in the short term, the recovered money may be lower than the stated percentage. The opposite is also valid, and based on luck, gamblers may get their money back faster or even in a surplus. RTP-rate is provided by the game software developer. It’s based on the slot game statistics calculated over numerous game rounds.

For instance, our reviews examine moderate RTP slots like Thunderstruck II, Mega Moolah, Starburst, and others. If we take Thunderstruck II, which has an RTP percentage of 96.65% for every C$100 wagered, casino players can expect to win C$96.65 back. This theoretical number is valid over prolonged play and is influenced by luck. Thus, the return may be lower, higher, or nonexistent in the short term.

Casino Payout

Payout percentage in online casinos refers to the total amount of money paid back to players from all games on a specific gambling site. It’s similar to RTP. However, it does not concern a single game but all titles in a casino. This includes progressive jackpots RTP slots like Mega Moolah or Gonzo’s Quest, table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. If a gambler plays at an online casino with a payout of 97%, then for every C$100, players may expect to win back C$97. 

This, however, is not guaranteed. This percentage showcases possible returns. In reality, gamblers may experience lower or higher payouts based on luck. Each casino payout is audited by independent agencies like GLI or TST, which ensure fairness and transparency. 

How are RTP and Casino Payout Calculated?

Wonder how is RTP calculated? Our expert team has got a detailed explanation for you. To put it shortly, divide the win and turnover figures of the slot games to discover the RTP rate. It’s a percentage that’s calculated based on specific game rules and paytables. That outlines the payouts of slots considering possible winning combinations. Game developers use complex mathematical models to calculate their games’ RTP. Those models are based on millions of rounds played in each online casino slot, creating a statistical number of potential wins leading to the overall percentage. 

For example, you bet C$100 on any slot machine like Starburst with RTP 96.09%. The company states the RTP number, which indicates what a player can expect to win back C$96.09 of their C$100 in long-term gambling. These calculations are nearly invalid in short-term betting, as slots are based on luck and are influenced by various factors, including volatility.

Calculating the casino payout percentage is an easy process that requires comprehensive data. The following factors are considered:

  • Wagered amount: Each casino calculates how much money is wagered on all of their games over time.
  • Total money won: Each site calculates how much money is won over the same time.

Considering those two factors, the payout percentage is calculated by dividing the total amount won by the total wagers, then multiplying it by 100. For example, if gamblers have wagered over C$1,000,000 and won back C$970,000, the payout is (C$970,000/C$1,000,000) x 100 = 97%.

How To Find A Game’s RTP?

Discovering the slot’s RTP is easy. All developers have the RTPs of their slot machines clearly stated on their casino sites. Here’s how we find any game RTP:

  • Paytable & Game Rules: These are the first places to check, as they often contain the RTP slot percentage. Rules and paytables are accessible within the game. We’ve seen them marked with “a question mark button, Info, Rules, or Paytable.” 
  • Casino Website: Almost all top online casinos for Canadians describe all RTPs on their site. This information can be found on the game’s page or in a dedicated section providing RTP slot information.
  • Reviews or Guides: As we’ve taken our time inspecting numerous casino games, Canadians may find the RTPs or other valuable information in our reviews.
  • Software Developer’s Site: Players should visit the developer’s website if an online casino does not provide any information regarding RTP. There they can locate the game and check its RTP number.

Here’s a table with popular RTP casino games. However, all percentages may vary from one gambling site to another:

Slots & Table GamesRTP
Slots (Starburst)96.1%
Blackjack (Classic)99.5%
French Roulette (Single Zero)98.5%
Baccarat (Punto Banco)98.5%
European Roulette (Single Zero)97.3%
Video Poker (Jacks or Better) 99.5%
American Roulette (Double Zero)94.7%
Caribbean Stud Poker (Classic)94.78%

RTP Vs. Volatility

While RTP and volatility are both crucial for finding the best payout online slots, each of them serves a specific purpose in online gambling. Let’s discuss each term in detail. 

RTP (Return to Player)

RTP is a statistical percentage that indicates the total return of the wagered money. It relates to prolonged wagering and is a long-term factor that does not apply to individual, short gambling sessions.


Volatility is associated with a particular slot machine or other game and defines how risky it is to wager or how frequent potential losses or wins are. We separate volatility on three levels, as follows:

  • Low Volatility Games: Slots with low levels of volatility pay frequent but smaller amounts. Such casino games like Starburst are low-risk slots, suitable for players on a tight budget.
  • Medium Volatility: Slots like Thunderstruck II have average volatility, providing substantial winnings with moderate risks. They are perfect for gamblers who can afford to take a loss or two.
  • High Volatility Slot: Casino games like Immortal Romance pay out less frequently. However, such online slots boast huge winnings, making them perfect for gamblers who are willing to take risks for the possibility of winning big.

RTP can give an idea of potential returns, volatility indicates the chances. Neither is a safe way to determine whether a player may win or lose in a slot. Both are technical terms based on statistics and are only suitable for guidance, especially in a short-term play.

Good RTP for Slots

If you wonder what is a good RTP for slots, our answer is to look for slot machines with a percentage above 96%. That is considered above average RTP rate. As a long-term measure tool, RTP is invalid for inconsistent online gaming. For short-term gambling, RTP may drop lower, reaching below 80%. 

Below, we’ve summed some of the highest RTP slots available on the best gambling sites in Canada and their most important details.

Slot GameDeveloperRTPMin/Max BetPaylines/RowsVolatility
Book of DeadPlay’n Go96.21%C$0.01/5010/3High
Gonzo’s QuestNetEnt96%C$0.20/5020/3Medium
Thunderstruck IIMicrogaming96.65%C$0.30/15243/3Medium
BonanzaBig Time Gaming96%C$0.20/500117,649/7High
Immortal RomanceMicrogaming96.86%C$0.30/30243/3High
Age of GodsPlaytech95.02%C$0.20/50020/3Medium
Dead or Alive IINetEnt96.8%C$0.09/99/3High
Buffalo BlitzPlaytech95.96%C$0.40/2004096/4High


RTP percentages do not guarantee wins. It’s merely an indicator used to compare different slots. So, whenever our team reviews a game, we consider a variety of other factors like volatility, house edge, min/max bet, pay lines, etc., except for RTP. 

Tips on How to Win on Slots

Your winning chances can be influenced by implementing specific strategies. Our team summed up some of the best tips below:

  1. Game understanding: Familiarizing yourself with all game rules, paytable, or specific bonus features is key to achieving better results.
  2. Take into account all game characteristics: Choosing a game based only on one factor is a terrible idea. Always consider its RTP, volatility, min/max bets, max win multipliers/jackpots, bonus features, etc.
  3. Careful budgeting: Managing a budget is crucial when playing slots, as if not done correctly, gamblers may lose their money quickly while chasing losses.
  4. If there are promos, go for them: Using online casino rewards like welcome, reload, cashback, or deposit bonus offers can increase winning chances. Look for promos with low wagering requirements (30x and less) and a low minimum deposit (around 10 CAD).
  5. Always play for fun: Playing for winnings may generally lead to losing money. Consider winnings as a casino bonus to your game’s fun.

Remember that slots are a game of chance, and everything is based on luck. RTP, volatility, or any other feature used to measure prospective wins is subjective and can change at any point in the gameplay.

Highest Paying Online Slots in Canada

Canadian players have a discerning taste when it comes to games of luck. They tend to gravitate toward high RTP slots, with over 98%. Further, gamblers look for engaging gameplay, huge payouts, and low minimum bet options. All slots we listed below are among the most popular in the best online casinos that payout well. Our team found that these casino games not only provide substantial winning chances but also boast:

  • Lucrative gameplay featuring wilds, bonus rounds, or free spins.
  • Captivating themes
  • High-quality graphics 
  • Immersive audio

All perks combined make these slots perfect picks for Canadians.

Slot GamesRTPDeveloperMin/Max BetPaylines/RowsVolatility
Ocean Princess99.10%PlaytechC$0.01/1255/3Low
Ugga Bugga99.1%PlaytechC$0.10/5010/3Low
Mega Joker99%NetEntC$1/105/3High
1429 Uncharted Seas98.6%ThunderkickC$0.10/10025/3Low
Blood Suckers98%NetEntC$0.25/5025/3Low



1️⃣ What Does RTP Mean?

RTP is a theoretical percentage that indicates how much money from a wagered sum will be paid back to a player over time.

2️⃣ How to Find a Game's RTP?

Canadians can find a game RTP in its info section, paytable, or on their software developer's website.

3️⃣ What Return-to-Player Percentage is Good for Slots?

Slots RTP of about 97-98% is considered a good one. Ocean Princess is an excellent slot example with the best return of 99%. Anything below 95% is considered low RTP.

4️⃣ Where Can I Find the Best Paying Slots?

Players will find all the best-paying slot machines on our page. We've reviewed many slot games and singled out the best games for Canadians in this review.


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